Fast development of tengzhou modern glass industrial base.

Release time:2017-08-08 22:53:57


This year, Tengzhou City, relying on Baogou town of glass characteristics of the industry, the implementation of the city of one of the characteristics of the town building, to create a distinctive industrial characteristics, rich cultural connotation, beautiful environment livable, tourism services developed "four in one" Lunan glass town. At present, has built an area of 1.2 square kilometers, under construction area of 2.4 square kilometers, is the construction of glass deep processing area, logistics trade zone, passive new community, design research and development testing center and wetland park.

It is understood that Lunan craft glass town overall planning 9.16 square kilometers, the core development area of 3.6 square kilometers, focusing on the construction of industrial production area, exhibition trade area, research incubation area, passive building experience and commercial and residential area, ecological leisure tourism area And other functional zoning, while the implementation of water, electricity, gas, sewage and other supporting facilities, enhance the carrying capacity, enhance the follow-up power of industrial development.

In the town construction, Tengzhou focus on gathering innovative resources, activate the development of kinetic energy. Relying on the glass industry base, the construction of the characteristics of the town revitalization of Glass City Pioneering Park, the establishment of entrepreneurial service center, the introduction of Alibaba International Station and other power to enter, to promote entrepreneurial employment. At present, the glass base employment has exceeded 20,000 people. Focusing on cultural docking, specializing in the construction of the provincial glass carving process intangible cultural heritage creation studio, to provide special funds to support Li Kaihua, Chen Xianyue and other arts and crafts master creation. Speed up the development of R & D, financing, services and other platform construction, joint Shandong University, Shandong University of Architecture and more than 20 research institutes, composed of production and research combined with the technological innovation alliance system, free service glass industry development.

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